Signi Studio specializes in :
Movie making (filmed, 3D and 2D animation)
Design (product, graphic and web, visual identity)
We make films because they give you the unique ability to communicate anything you wish through emotions, and that makes them unforgettable.
Since the summer 2014, we have also expanded our services to include cultural and art event creation and management, for a different approach towards the same goal.

Bruno (film director, illustrator, animator and architect) makes movies with a distinct atmosphere. He has just about the most creative mind there is and offers a different point of view on everything. He's on a mission to share the vision.
Luka (cameraman, photographer and director of photography) and his camera are one. He has the eye that doesn't miss a thing and will do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot. He's our happy-go-lucky guy and wears the coolest t-shirts.
Mikula (designer, manager) studied luxury product design in Paris and developed his skills on both sides of the Atlantic. He's clean-cut and worldly, speaks French, German, English and Croatian fluently, understands Dutch and Italian. He also has a "crazy" side and is growing a big beard to prove it!
Ljuba (events manager, communication) has written, directed and produced plays and films, founded a festival in Canada and managed dozens of events. She is our sunshine, representing Signi in Brussels.
Filip (programmer) knows the world of programming inside out and never backs down when it comes to new challenges to make visions come to life on the web. Basically, he's our "nerd par excellence" and even looks the part.

Other members of the team, like Martin (the other eye), Ana (the make it happen girl), Marko (the story teller), Mia (the decor girl), and further partners, ensure that we cover all the aspects necessary to making our creations and productions come to life.